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CROXTON DISCOVERY DAY photos, Sunday, April 19, 1998: Photos by yours truly, except where noted. Here's a shot of "the gang" on that wet April morning. From left to right are: J. Henry Priebe, Mary Szanyi, Will Enser, Larry Mikkelson and his grandson, Jay Held, Tim Phalon, Matt Klemchalk, and Rob Schoenberg. The group is standing on the remains of the roundhouse tracks. The group moved on, and found this once-classic scene, now reduced to a pile of rubble. The foundation in the foreground, and the concrete pier at the left was once part of the sand tower. Bill Botkin took this photo of EL 6321 at this same exact location in the late 1960's - what a dramatic change! Joe Jordan took this slightly later (1974) view of EL 3617 at the same location in the middle of winter. Just beyond the sand tower was the fuel racks, perhaps the most intact piece of Croxton still around. On the adjacent Erie "Bergen County Line", there still stands an Erie signal bridge, only recently shorn of its signals. Here's a bunch of rabid fans :) shooting said bridge (from left to right, Henry Priebe, Jay Held, and Will Enser). With not much else to see here, we wandered down the "Merchant's Lead," a short industrial spur heading out the north side of the yard. Henry Priebe shows the handy "removable rail" piece on the beginning of this lead! The lead then swings east along a canal, proceeding to serve many warehouses. Today, the line is unused, but in amazingly good shape. On the way back to the yard, we found another short spur coming out of the yard. This one has obviously not been used in a while, part of it having been turned into a park (!). The town of Secaucus also got a former New Haven caboose from Conrail to use as part of this park at the "Duck Pond." The caboose seemed burned out, and we all doubted it was used. Several observant group members noted it was barely kept from moving! The caboose was donated by Conrail (here's the proof) to the town. I'll come back during the summer to see if this caboose is used. The park is located literally in the middle of a field of warehouses, and it surprised us to find it here! After a rainy hike back to the starting point, we completed our "round-trip hike." So ended the Discovery Day at Croxton...

As a reference, here's a map.