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The following is a list of members on the Erie Lackawanna Mailing List who have submitted some biographical information so that other members can locate people with similar interests. If you would like to be included in this list, please E-mail me with your name, E-mail address, where you live, modeling scale (if any), ELH&TS and ELHS number (if any), and areas of interest.

Name E-mail Location ELHS No. Modeling Areas of Interest
Adams, Frank Frank.P.Adams@mci.com Colorado Springs, CO 2116 HO scale DL&W Scranton
Adams, Greg erie228@aol.com Huntington, IN 1101 HO scale Erie modeler
Allman, Len len_allman@yahoo.com Hickory, NC 2205 O scale Building a layout of the Paterson, NJ area on the Main Line, 1954-1976 (pre-Conrail)
Amato, Frank amato@mchsi.com Davenport, IA 2389 N scale DL&W diesels and rolling stock
Antoine, Robert E. rantoine@ptd.net Wyomissing, PA 2110    
Arrowsmith, Lisa camarobabe@webtv.net Little Valley, NY     My grandfather Frank Nuttall was an engineer for the Erie/EL from Meadville, PA to Salamanca, NY, 1933-1975. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him - thanks!
Badyrka, Peter badyrkap@aol.com Scranton, PA   HO scale Interested in anything regarding the Lackawanna or EL
Bagrash, Frank fbagrash@fullerton.edu Mission Viejo, CA   HO/HOn3 scale Erie and DL&W in the 1940's - eastern lines/NY City area
Barberio, Doug DougBarRRX@aol.com Middletown, NY 2081 HO scale Interest in the Orange County, NY and surrounding counties in Tri-state area. The more I read about the DL&W, the more I love it, what a road!! Especially Sussex branch, Bangor & Portland, and Syracuse & Utica branches. Most interested in both roads and early merger.
Barnes, Richard P., Sr. rbarnes803@verizon.net Oxnard, CA 43 HO scale Erie, DL&W, EL, LV, D&H
Bartlett, Ben b3j2c@citcom.net Brevard, NC 250 HO scale Erie 1940s to EL 1970s. Grandfather and Great-Grandfather were both Erie engineers - Meadville to Salamanca
Bell, Thomas E. tomebell@aol.com Baton Rouge, LA   O scale Son of former Chief Signal Engineer of the EL, interest in photography
Besanceney, Frank ramdjb@gate.net   2537   Late 40's to mid-50's, Suffern, NY area
Bishop, Paul pfb251@arkansas.net Fayetteville, AR   HO scale Freight car enthusiast, modeling D&H in 1987
Bolt, Ken kbolt@phelpsd.com Marietta, GA 1732 HO scale Erie/EL - 1st generation; Father & Grandfather worked for Erie and EL
Bombel, Bob rbombel@aol.com Garfield, NJ   HO scale EL railroadiana
Bonham, Harry hbonham@clipper.net Eugene, OR     Bangor and Portland; NYC carfloat operations
Botkin, William E. webotkin@ecentral.com Centennial, CO 1377 HO scale Port Morris and Sussex Branch, 1952
Bradley, Mike ShenangoRS@aol.com Sharpsville, PA   HO scale EL, Erie, DL&W freight cars and "cabeese," EL diesel power in both black/yellow and gray/maroon/yellow schemes. Meadville to Youngstown to Kent.
Braun, Joseph A. joebraun@optonline.net Park Ridge, NJ 560 HO scale HO model RR with much Erie and EL motive power and cars, Erie history, especially NY division
Brezicki, Paul doctorpb@bellsouth.net Charlotte, NC 3030 HO scale Modern EL (late 60's and 70's); freight operations, especially intermodal. HO layout centered on Binghamton, NY is under construction. Also enjoy D&H and LV.
Brink, Harold hbrink@earthlink.net Northampton, PA   N and O scales DL&W in Scranton, PA
Brodkin, Peter Peter.brodkin@ci.seattle.wa.us   1973   Erie and NYS&W in New Jersey
Brookshire, Curtis curtis.brookshire@gte.net Manassas, VA 1289 HO scale Formerly of Secaucus, NJ
Brown, "Charlie" ejbrown@gdi.net Winter Springs, FL 2357 HO scale Erie steam, Erie main from Hoboken-Suffern
Brown, Randy jananran@mymailstation.com Peterborough, NH 16 O scale (2-rail) Erie, circa 1954; freelance O scale trolley model
Browning, James jlb3@optonline.net Montague, NJ 1604 HO scale Model Erie Delaware Division, helps out at Erie Museum in Port Jervis, NY
Bryan, James nscaler@comcast.net Ladson, SC   N and HO scale Erie Lackawanna and Lehigh Valley in the Cortland, NY area in 1960s
Buchanan, Carter I85RdRuner@aol.com Greenville, SC   HO scale Former Lackawanna/Erie routes from Binghamton east to New York, collecting employee timetables - interesting in acquiring EL/Erie/DL&W ETT's and rulebooks from 50's to the end
Bugno, John john.bugno@ngc.com Warrenton, VA 2528 HO scale Also Lionel O27 and larger; looking for photos of Scranton and Taylor Yard taken 1950-1970
Bush, Edmund ebush@earthlink.net Stillwater, NJ 2851 HO scale DL&W/Erie/EL - Nothing in blue!
Bush, Ken erie910@fastmail.fm Indianapolis, IN 1074   Erie commuter service
Bushnell, Mark mbushnell@mindspring.com Berkeley Heights, NJ 1087 HO scale DL&W Gladstone Branch, DL&W MUs
Cady, Roger A. cady@coopext.cahe.wsu.edu Eatonville, WA 1999    
Caffrey, Patrick pcaffrey@kgn.ibm.com Port Ewen, NY 2094 HO scale Erie and EL in Susquehanna, PA area - special interests and photos
Cappeloni, Paul pcap.bprr@verizon.net Harleysville, PA 1731 HO scale DL&W in the steam/diesel transition years, modeling Bangor & Portland RR in HO scale
Carpenter, Dennis carp-2@webtv.net Newburgh, NY 3136 HO scale Erie NY Division and the Newburgh Branch
Carro, Roger rccarro@erols.com   2287    
Carter, Dave train187@superior.net Gloversville, NY   HO scale Enjoy diesel transition era on Erie and DL&W. Don't model any specific area, but I do enjoy the NY portions of the railroad.
Caselli, John johncaselli@hotmail.com Winter Park, FL 2429   Former DL&W/EL mainline, including right-of-way and structure, and NJ Cut-Off, "Old Road," Sussex Branch, Slateford Jct., PA - Binghamton, NY, Morris & Essex, Boonton Line, commuter operations, mainline passenger trains
Chase, Warren warrengchase@gmail.com Cumming, GA   O Gauge (3 Rail) Erie, EL and Conrail - my past four generations worked on the railroad, mostly out of Port Jervis, NY
Chupka, Bob ironnuts@fastbytes.com North Fond du Lac, WI 3002 HO scale Dereco-era, Scranton Division, Bloomsburg branch
Cipar, John cipar@plh.af.mil Acton, MA 2172   Erie & DL&W 1940-50's; Born & raised Binghamton NY small layout in house
Clark, Ken Ken_Clark@freddiemac.com Manassas, VA 2522 HO Scale 22x39 ft layout of 1970Õs EL from Salamanca to Hornel plus River Line; Native of Olean, NY
Conklin, Walter wjc111@frontiernet.net Howells, NY   HO and N scales I enjoy the histors of railroads, especially the Port Jervis line, Erie/EL/Conrail/O&W. Planning to model the Orange County (NY) segment of the Tier from Erie to CR.
Connor, Michael J. mjconnor_rr@hotmail.com Dover, OH 325   Corporate history, track, operations, Erie, DL&W, EL and affiliates. All dates. Special interest in Allegany, Buffalo, Rochester, Tioga and Susquehannna divisions of Erie, Buffalo divisions of DL&W, EL divisions of same
Costello, Timothy tgcostello@aol.com Irvine, CA 285 HO scale Technical Advisor, Modeling - ELHS; Modeling EL in 1974, interest in operations east of Binghamton and NJ&NY RR/Pascack Valley Line.
Coupland, Dean hylander@ptdprolog.net Sparta, NJ   O scale Erie/DL&W/EL, northern NJ, giving "Discovery Days"
Cox, William wcox@mail.souda.navy.mil FPO 2484 HO Scale DL&W 1935 -49; Steam & early diesel Utica/ Syracuse - sucker for Hoboken Terminal, has plans, making cardboard model to try; making 7000 series reefers
Crosby, Doug dhcrosby@frontier.com Silverton, OR 2830 HO Interested in modeling Cattaraugus County, NY circa 1951. Emphasis on Salamanca, Little Valley (my hometown). Looking for photos/info to help with structures and operations in that area.
Crump, James M. w1ewn@tiac.net Natick, MA 197    
Custer, Jerry GCalco@aol.com Middletown, MD 2603 O gauge (3-rail) Erie/EL Mahoning Div. Cleveland-Youngstown line, Alco PA's, FM Trainmasters, Baldwin 1100's
Dabisch, Ken dabisch1@concentric.net Bolingbrook, IL 3275 HO scale History and modeling: Erie and EL 1940's to the end, but especially the early EL 'black/yellow' period; Delaware Division; Honesdale Branch; west end and Chicago area.
Dalberg, Jim jedalberg@aol.com Paoli, PA   HO scale DL&W, LV, CNJ, L&NE, L&HR, NYO&W, etc.
Damon, Ben bend@rochester.rr.com Pittsford, NY 1889 HO scale Modeling Erie Rochester Division, late 40's and early 50's. Also interested in DL&W through the Southern Tier area.
DeBalfo, Dennis den@nji.com West Milford, NJ 2005 HO scale Anything Erie (not into EL, though)
Deimling, Gene wnyrails@railfan.net Los Gatos, CA 2283 1/4" scale, Proto:48 standards Steam to diesel transition era (1950-1953), northern New Jersey is my primary interest area (Branchville, etc.)
De Meo, Michael demeom@earthlink.net Walden, NY   HO scale Erie and EL in Orange and Rockland Counties, NY; especially the Piermont Branch and the NJ&NY Railroad.
Dennehy, Bill bdennehy@ix.netcom.com Lexington, KY 1622 N Scale Collects DL&W silverware, badges & paper; also N-Scale cars and locoÕs
Dickinson, Greg gdickinson@stny.rr.com Elmira, NY 1580 HO scale DL&W Susquehanna and Buffalo Divisions, freight car enthusiast, modeling DL&W 9-30-60.
Dickinson, Mike squeaky@netsync.net Jamestown, NY 837 HO scale Modeling EL Southern Tier Mainline between Jamestown and Olean/Salamanca area, NY.
Dilorio, Ted dio51662@aol.com West Paterson, NJ   N scale DL&W marine operations in NY/NJ, eastern PA between the Gap and Scranton. Looking to model Hoboken float operations.
Dimmick, Thomas tdimm509@earthlink.net Shavertown, PA 1993 HO scale Hopatcong, Port Morris, Netcong and Sussex Branch to Newton, 1941
Dobrowolski, Bob el_railfan@yahoo.com Totowa, NJ 2773 HO, N, O, 1-1/2" EL in the 1970's (since that is when I was growing up along the Greenwood Lake Division at Montclair Heights)
Dodge, Mike micstedod@verizon.net Whippany, NJ 2421 HO DL&W/EL in northwest New Jersey
Dukarm, Ron rdukarm@adelphia.net Orchard Park, NY 532   ELHS Technical Advisor, MOW. Erie/DL&W/EL, anything Buffalo area. Any MOW, especially wreckers, plows, wheel cars, loco cranes and cabooses. Erie E. Buffalo Yard, DL&W terminal and coal dumper.
Durant, John trains040@enter.net Wind Gap, PA   HO scale Former EL/CR employee. EL east end, B&O/C&O/WM in the Alleghenies, anything Chessie.
Dye, Michael luxpan@hotmail.com Indianapolis, IN 1516 HO scale Erie/EL in general, West End in particular. I model the EL as though it had continued into the 1990's. The only "blue" are the transfer runs!
Edwards, Richard L. fdrail@yahoo.com Kensington, MD 408    
Elwood, George gelwood@dnaco.net Beavercreek, OH 382   Home Page.
Estabrook, Reed estabrook@aol.com Bridgewater, NJ 2006 HO scale Home Page, EL and other Anthracite roads
Erickson, Billy kberick@earthlink.net Newton, NJ      
Erickson, Launcelot intercityrailpal@netscape.net Gilbert, IA 1075   DLamp;W passenger service
Figura, Tom tbonegtw@aol.com Indianapolis, IN   N scale Modeling EL in Indiana
Filberto, John F. trainman55@comcast.net Fort Lauderdale, FL 2031   EL memorabilia, timetables and books
Fisher, Matthew fisherkj2002@yahoo.com Grove City, OH 4023 HO scale I model the period 1972-1976, especially like EL piggyback operations. Also enjoy the other pre-Conrail roads. Lots of modeling pictures at my Photobucket account.
Fischer, Mark wnyrails@railfan.net Reston, VA   N scale, somewhat History of railroads in Western New York state.
Fishbein, Elliott fishbein@ezaccess.net Cochecton Center, NY 2195 HO Scale interest freight operation in Metro NY area
Flagg, Thomas tflagg@sunyopt.edu New York, NY 1322 HO Scale NY terminal area railroads (Erie, Lackawanna, all other roads terminating in the Port of NY)
Fleischer, Rick RJFlei@aol.com Cortland, OH   HO scale Transition era (1948-1956), Erie Mahoning Division, also interested in RR history, railroads of eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania, also model C&O. Especially interested in steam locomotives.
Fles, Walt wndfles@jorsm.com Crown Point, IN 2508   Home Page. Marion, Ohio and points further west on EL/Erie.
Flynn, Jim jimbatt1@juno.com Salem, OH 2598 HO scale Erie/EL in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but like anything railroad, midwestern to down east. Modeling Erie from circa 1950 to DL&W merger.
Forsyth, Matthew A. mmjenks@mkl.com Susquehanna, PA   O scale Mostly Lackawanna, 1927 to merger, some Erie. Also model EL to 1968. Mostly interested in mainline operations (Erie Delaware Division) and keenly interested in DL&W mainline (Scranton Division) from west portal of the Nicholson Tunnel to the yards and station at Binghamton, NY
Frankel, Mark markfrankel@yahoo.com Hastings on Hudson, NY 2047    
Fredenberg, Tom tfredenberg@bellsouth.net Apex, NC 3353 N, HO scales Grew up in East Stroudsburg, PA. N scale - EL, PRR, PC, LV & CNJ 1967-1973. HO scale - Conrail 1976-1980. PA & NJ freight operations, NJ & NYC rail/marine operations. Freelanced home N scale layout based on Erie/EL's 28th Street Terminal in NYC. Interchange traffic and commodity shipments.
Frick, Henry hefrick@swbell.net       Interested in EL eastern end, late 1960's to Conrail; also other parts of system, photos, timetables and books
Frost, Robert E. ref@cnsibm.albany.edu Schenectady, NY 980 HO Scale Erie RR - Allegany Division 40 - 50's
Galesi, Mike mikeg0112@aol.com New Providence, NJ 145 HO scale Model EL, NYS&W and CNJ. Interested in EL east of Binghampton and all NY Metro area railroads. My slide collection, dating from 1969, is cataloged in a MS Access database
Galich, John jgalich@visi.com Minneapolis, MN 4206 N scale New York Southern Tier mid-1960s, Scranton Division
Gallagher, Bill ks3y@prodigy.net Dunmore, PA   N scale EL, Anthracite roads, NYO&W, videography and photography.
Garrelts, Bob rgarrel1@tampabay.rr.com Tarpon Springs, FL 1008 O scale (2-rail) Scratchbuilding Erie steam locomotives; late 1940s, early 1950s, Northern RR of NJ.
Garton, Jim sftectonics@earthlink.net Santa Fe, NM 2364 HO scale DL&W in suburban NJ and eastern PA, late 1960s era
Gavlak, Ray Wayne, NJ 175    
Gerow, Charles harebridle@aol.com Manasquan, NJ and Tequesta, FL HO scale Model of Erie 28th St and 149th St Yards on a 3x7 flush door, with over 50 industries
Gentzke, Ken Jr. sd80mac@juno.com Honeoye, NY 2166    
Gibson, Thomas K. tgibson@shohola.org Shohola, PA     Shohola Glen Gravity RR, Erie RR - Wyoming Division, Erie RR Delaware Division in Shohola Twp, PA Coal Co. Gravity RR, D&H Gravity RR and NE PA Interurban and Rural Traction Lines
Gifford, Pete pgifford@allegheny.edu Meadville, PA 2783 N scale Erie History, specifically the Atlantic & Great Western and Nypano Railroads
Green, David E. davandli@ptdprolog.net Bath, NY 1366 HO scale Mainly 1940's and 50's, also some EL. Mostly Hornell-Meadville, B&SW, Bradford Division, Buffalo Division. Grew up in Gowanda, NY - remember wrecks on Dayton Hill in 70's, lots of F-unnits, GP7's and Dunmore cabeese on the B&SW!
Guthrie, James R. jguthrie@pipeline.com Brooklyn, NY 1296   Anthracite Mining, Canals and Railroads; New York City-area railroads, business and economic history.
Haas, Easy ehhaas@aol.com Wayne, OH   HO scale EL West End, believer in the "what if" scenario
Haines, Howard hhaines@aol.com Helena, MT 1447 HO scale, a little N and O27 NYS&W, EL, Erie @ Passaic Jct/Coalberg, Jersey City to Pt. Jervis, 1880-1878, 1988. Erie late 1840's around Buffalo, NY to Detroit, MI and connecting roads.
Halbert, David DHalb79010@aol.com Naples, FL (raised in Mt. Ephraim, NJ)   HO scale Lackawanna Cut-Off, Tunnels, Old Main DL&W to Scranton, NY&W, L&NE, PRSL, railroads in Sussex/Morris/Warren/Camden counties in NJ.
Hannan, Kevin P. kphannan@attbi.com Atlanta, GA (raised in Alfred, NY)   HO scale Portraying the EL if it actually had a sound financial base, modeling selected scenes including Starucca Viaduct, Hornell, Wellsville, Belmont, Bath, and Buffalo/Portage Viaduct.
Heckman, Jerry boots93@brinet.com Brevard, NC 3294 HO Scale Erie/EL - worked for Erie/EL/CR
Heckman, Timothy S. chunk1@email.msn.com Columbia, SC 2571 N Scale EL B&SW div grew up on especially dayton Hill with 2.5% grade
Heimbach, Peter plh5@charter.net Johnson City, TN 2848   DL&W
Held, Jay jheld@roe.com Fair Lawn, NJ 1405 HO scale ELHS Modeling Advisor, looking for photos of EL freight equipment and marine equipment/scenes
Herman, Tom tomh4151@yahoo.com Madison, OH   N scale Information of Brier Hill yard in Youngstown, OH - layout, photos, etc. - Also Youngstown Terminal.
Hill, Stephen R. srhill@attglobal.net Endwell, NY   O scale EL between 1950 and 1974 between western NY and Binghamton; would like to see highway maps including RR pre-merger, pre-Agnes flood, and afterwards
Hitchens, Jeff dti@dmv.com Milton, DE 2730   DL&W South Brooklyn terminal operations; Erie & DL&W marine department
Holliday, Jim JMHol71@Ameritech.net Solom, OH 1073 HO Scale DL&W, Erie & EL 1950s to 1976
Holt, Brent bholt@aye.net Henryville, IN   HO scale Home Page. Steam-to-diesel transition, diesels in general, cab units in particular (particularly PAs and FAs)
Honeyman, Dick hmanrr@rochester.rr.com Webster, NY 2904 N scale DL&W/Erie/EL, mainly from Elmira to Buffalo/Rochester
Hoyle, Steve shoyle@msha.gov Beckley, WV   N scale Mining operations, passenger service, Erie/DL&W in western New York
Hudson, Gordon bhudson@hvc.rr.com Pine Bush, NY   N scale and O scale Erie, EL, Conrail and NYO&W in Orange County, NY area - especially Erie Main and Graham Line 1960's-1970's.
Hudler, Scott rrplates@aol.com Cortland, OH 2226 HO Scale Steam operations, interchange with NKP and others in Buffalo; Historical information on the Erie and DL&W, Erie lines (past and present) in PA and OH, Locomotive builder and number plate collector
Hyde, Fred fwhyde@mindspring.com Madison, WI   HO scale and G scale EL motive power, EL "archaeology" (visiting and recording images of EL today), modeling EL motive power.
Ipe, J. Bruce jbipe@aol.com Wilton, CT   HO scale EL in and around Youngstown, OH
Jarusik, Henry W. hwjpa@fastem.com New London, PA 2113 HO scale HO scale modeling; had my Uncle Joseph Jurusik [yeah, the spelling was a bit different, I know there's also another of my father's brothers who spelled it Jerusik, I don't know...] who worked for the Erie on the river bridges maint. [DB by Croxton mostly]
Jensen, Mike mikejensen2007@gmail.com Simpsonville, SC 4100 HO scale DL&W Hoboken Division, electrified portion
Johnson, John johnsonj@warwick.net Port Jervis, NY     Northern NJ, southern NY, NYS&W, M&NJ, L&NE
Johnson, Richard erierickawanna@yahoo.com Mesquite, TX 2945   Delawave Division (grew up in Callicoon, NY), any diesels, rolling stock (freight and passenger)
Jordan, Joseph W., Jr. eltrainmaster@jordanclan.net Clinton, NJ 08809   HO scale Home Page. Erie/DL&W/EL Hoboken-Port Jervis (New York Division) 1960-1976. I don't do blue! :)
Jurewicz, Harold hjurewicz@adelphia.net East Amherst, NY   HO scale EL just after merger.
Kananonwicz, Joseph eljoe2022@aol.com Fayetteville, NC 2022 N scale Home Page. Keepiny the memory of the EL alive, modeling EL from Meadville to Hornell around 1965.
Karney, Shawn M. UDFlyer319@hotmail.com Horseheads, NY 3377   DL&W, Erie and EL from the mid-1950s to end of EL
Kazin, Gary R. gkazin@yahoo.com Rockaway, NJ     Anything DL&W or railroad-related
Kittner, David davek@penn.com Warren, PA     Works for a railroad that run from Corry, PA to Meadville, PA on the old Erie NY-to-Chicago main.
Klapprodt, Jack jklappro@stny.rr.com Apalachin, NY     History of all railroads in NY and PA.
Klug, Jim kjklug@wcnet.org Bowling Green, OH 663 HO Scale B&SW, late 1960s, with a particular interest in the line from Buffalo to Dayton, NY
Koczan, Edward eddie@tirerack.com South Bend, IN   HO scale Currently modeling EL in modern times (circa 1995), New York State area.
Kohler, Steve skohler@columbus.rr.com       History and routes of EL, former train dispatcher at Hornell after CR merger.
Koster, Albert W. alk0465@ptdprolog.net E. Stroudsburg, PA 1979 HO Scale DL&W, Erie, EL and PATH Related slides; interested in DL&W & EL
Kleipass, A.J. owinwcorp@mindspring.com Brooklyn, NY   HO scale "What-if" O&W modeler, summer 1957-present, NYO&W/NYS&W/M&U/D&N/UV/RW&O/NH/L&NE/L&HR/NNJ/NJ&NY/NY&GL and many others :) Interested in railroad operations, webmaster of the NYO&W Modelers SIG
Kunst, Roy ossroy@cs.com Williamsport, PA 3332 HO scale East end EL in the 1970s
Klutchko, Dave d.klutch@worldnet.att.net Harvey's Lake, PA   HO scale Home Page. Grew up within sight of DL&W Bloomsburg Branch. Modeling EL on Bloomsburg Branch. Looking for info on "Bloom" and LV West Pittston/Luzerne Branch to supplement my own.
Kynor, John jkynor@epix.net or john@picatinnycu.org Bangor, PA   N scale Modeling DL&W Bangor & Portland - no blue!
Landon, George danilandon@hotmail.com St. Petersburg, FL   N scale Looking for possible existence of EL SD45 3632
Lapointe, Mike mal@entire.com Rochester, NY 2288    
Larimer, Glen gscclarimer@earthlink.net Royersford, PA   HO scale Layout depicts the respective routs of EL and LV from New Jersey to Buffalo.
Larrabee, Schuyler schuyler.larrabee@verizon.net Newton Centre, MA 512 HO scale Erie and DL&W from beginning to 1976, tend to be more interested in Erie 1940-1960
Larson, Jeff eljefe3126@netscape.net Webster, TX 2683   All things Leavittsburg and, to a lesser extent, all things related to the Mahoning Division. EL in the 60's and 70's, steam engines (any RR), preserving existing EL equipment, EL precursors in northeast Ohio (such as the Cleveland and Mahoning Valley), and that pesky Erie steamer that disappeared somewhere in Korea!
Larson, Marty larsonew@ptd.net Macungie, PA 3033 HO scale History/modeling DL&W around Scranton, Keyser Valley Shops, Scranton Yard, Anthracite mining, coal breakers, Rails-to-Trails, exploring EL sites by bike and Jeep, NYO&W Scranton Branch, Starrucca Viaduct.
Latini, Vincent vlatini@clarityconnect.com Athens, PA 1687   ERIE, DL&W, EL mid 50Õs to mid 60Õs; need track diagrams S. Waverly including Tioga Mills
Laudenslayer, Bill parus@worldnet.att.net Fresno, CA 1133 HO Scale DL&W mid 40 to mid 50Õs; DL&W lines, esp Dunmore PA; layout somewhat based on Bloomburg branch
Lee, Vincent VinceJLee@yahoo.com Long Island, NY 55 HO scale Anything Erie 1940-merger, EL, Wyoming Divsion, Northern Branch, 28th St. Yard in New York City
Leeper, Robert H. leeperr@acm.org Bellaire, TX 2268 HO scale DL&W Hoboken to Scranton, especially East Stroudsburg, PA area
Lewis, Dean lackawanna@earthlink.net Concord, CA   HO scale DL&W, with a focus on Boonton Line and the company's advertising and promotion documents.
Liles, Jonathan (Jon) lilesj@erinet.com Hebron, KY (formerly from Elmira, NY) 3152 HO scale Erie, DL&W, LV, PRR in Elmira, NY circa 1954 - Susquehanna Division of Erie, Buffalo Division of DL&W, Elmira Branch of PRR.
Long, Joel e12401@willoughbyinc.com Strasburg, PA 1742   Scranton Division, B&P Branch, shop areas
Lupia, Scott scottnyr@nac.net Denville, NJ   N scale Web site. DL&W line from Hoboken-Scranton, railroads crossing northwest NJ
Lushear, Victor HOWTEK!VLUSHEAR@howtek.MV.COM Nashua, NH 2238    
Lyons, Harry W. harlyons@concentric.net Cherry Hill, NJ 2457    
Machlica, Gary machlica@att.com Hillsborough, NJ 2617 HO scale EL late 60's to early 70's, Binghamton to Hoboken.
Major, Doug MajorDRMUS@aol.com Washington, DC   HO scale DL&W mainline, Bloomsburg Branch (grew up in Berwick). Modeling Lackawanna in 1949 - late steam, early diesel; passenger stations a particular interest.
Mancuso, James jejunabra@aol.com Perry, NY     Timetables, freight schedules, map and paperwork of EL/Erie/DL&W - will trade duplicates
Mang, Michael mnmang@mn.rr.com Eden Prairie, MN 1252 HO Scale DL&W Buffalo/Scranton area, anthracite operations, passenger equipment and operations
Mann, Scott K. scotty@pitnet.net Palmyra, WI 2275 HO Scale 1st generation diesels; Bloomburg Branch, Scranton area
Marks, Patrick watha@gateway.net Minoa, NY   HO scale Morris & Essex, viaducts and Cut-Off, coal branches, Lackawanna steam, Glen Alden coal, and the mainline passenger service
Marshall, Andrew J. LNE@Mail.Snip.Net Upland, PA 2282 HO Scale like to try TT; Erie, DL&W, EL in antracite region 1940 on, freight equip of same time
Martin, Fr. Ken OKTrains@aol.com Washington, NJ 1132 HO scale Anything Erie, DL&W, EL - primarily passenger-related
Mason, George secbyte@squarework.com Stroudsburg, PA   G scale Warren Railroad
McBride, Thomas G. mcbridt@ix.netcom.com West Orange, NJ 1034    
McCarthy, Stephen smccarthy7@excite.com Los Angeles, CA 2646 HO scale Erie Delaware Division and Wyoming Division (family owns house in Hawley, PA with Erie ROW 100 feet away)
McDermott, Dennis dennis.j.mcdermott@verizon.com Matamoras, PA   HO scale Erie history, main line in NY (Grandfather was in ZY Tower in Hornell for 40 years)
McEachen, Fr. Joel jmcea@sbcglobal.net Fairfield, CT     Formerly from Leonia, NJ; Any DL&W, Erie, EL, passenger service and equipment, ferries (primarily "East End")
McMullen, James A. jamakm@epix.net Middlebury Center, PA 2521 N Scale Tioga Division History
McWherter, David devonwest@aol.com Sarasota, FL 151 HO scale Former Erie/EL employee, treasurer ELHS. Interested in most anything Erie/DL&W/EL, have collections of paper, silver, china. Special interests of Kent and Marion Divisions on Erie, hometown of great train watching - Marion, OH
Meck, John j_meck@gpinet.com Pittston, PA   HO scale Modeling DL&W from Scranton to Foster, Oct. 1951. Also interested in Anthracite mining, local railroads (Scranton/Wilkes-Barre) and accurate freight car modeling
Mele, Dominic co614@aol.com Lake Hiawatha, NJ   HO scale Erie and DL&W steam
Meluso, Ken njvike@earthlink.net Newton, NJ   O scale DL&W Sussex Branch, Cut-Off and Erie Greenwood Lake Division
Mikkelson, Larry larrymikkelson@lucent.com Warren, NJ 691    
Miliczky, Terry keeper.forty2@gte.net Fort Wayne, IN     Erie west-end tower photos, info (especially GS Tower, Kingsland, IN; AC Tower, Marion, OH)
Mitchell, Bob mitchellra@att.net Randolph, NJ 899 HO scale DL&W from 1920's to Erie merger. Also interested in other Northeast ralroads that ran through NJ. Hope to build a layout someday loosely based on the Rockaway Valley RR.
Monte Verde, David J. dmvgvt@earthlink.net Scottsville, NY   1:1 Scale Models EL C425's in 1:1 scale on former DL&W trackage, main interest: Lackawanna in NY state
Moore, Pat pat.moore@att.net Simpsonville, SC 1719 HO scale EL in New York "Southern Tier." Modeling EL from Corning to Hornell (1976-1985) as if EL did not enter Conrail.
Morgan, Gary garymorgan@prodigy.net Kennesaw, GA 2384 N Scale Wants photoÕs Ridgewood NJ sta for NTrak module on area; models EL, Erie, and DL&W
Morscher, Arnie axm11@po.cwru.edu Rocky River, OH 1943    
Muller, George L. cgmuller@c4.net Eastham, MA 1857 O scale Freelanced "Connecticut and Ohio RR" layout, connecting to EL at Maybrook, NY. Father was Commercial Agent for Erie and EL in Cleveland, OH.
Mutter, Jeff jwmutter@comcast.net Severna Park, MD 2631 HO scale Scranton/Taylor Yard, Scranton Division east to Pocono Summit - basically, the Scranton Division in the early/mid 1970's
Natress, Allen nattress@islandnet.com Vernon, B.C., Canada 1701    
Nickerson, Michael R. michael4449@hotmail.com Lodi, CA 3146 O scale (2- and 3- rail) Erie/EL in the Southern Tier and Western NY 1939-1972. Native and former resident of Wellsville, NY (1958-1968) Also fan of Wellsville, Addison & Galeton (WAG) and the Southern Pacific.
Nolan, Mark dmnolan@usit.net Clarksville, TN 2291 HO scale EL in early 1970's. Operations and interchanges with Lehigh Valley in Phillipsburg, NJ and Belfast Junction.
O'Brien, Ken Lackawanna500@comcast.net Cream Ridge, NJ 697 HO scale DL&W Bangor and Portland Branch; always on the lookout for any and all info on this line (timetables, drawings, pictures, etc.)
O'Neil, Charles hummvee209@adelphia.net Colorado Springs, CO   HO, N scales Starting new in the hobby, interested in Youngstown, Warren and Niles, OH areas where my father used to work on EL and Conrail
Olesen, Dave olesend@pcmail11.system.gec.com Hackettstown, NJ 1502    
Olszewski, Ed eolszew1@twcny.rr.com Syracuse, NY   HO and N scales DL&W Syracuse & Oswego Branch in the 50's and EL
Oravec, Mike MOEL@paonline.com Mechanicsburg, PA 366 HO scale EL Scranton Division, Erie Wyoming Division, L&WV
Orlando, Ronald rebmarx@gateway.net San Jose, CA 2392 HO scale EL, late 1960's to 1970's; Northeastern NJ - Hoboken to Port Morris
Panecki, Russ jpanecki@snet.net Ansonia, CT 2246 HO scale, Sn3 Pre-merger DL&W, Erie, NYS&W, narrow gauge
Paone, Phil ppaone@bellatlantic.net Bedminster, NJ   O scale NJ railroading in the 50's, primary focus on DL&W, LNE, LV and RDG.
Papayanopulos, Art sigvarius@prodigy.net Long Island, NY   N scale EL Utica Branch, specifically Binghamton to Norwich/Sherburne. N scale modules of Delaware, Chenango & Western, a post-CR shortline - plans here.
Patzer, Ron blondebullit@verizon.net Sellersville, PA 2893 HO scale Modeling the DL&W, Erie, EL through the transition era, particularly Scranton/Port Jervis/Elmira
Payne, John johndpayne@yahoo.com Milford, CT   HO scale DL&W 1930's - merger, Boonton Line & Cut off, since a kid fascinated with EMD E's/F's and Alco PA's/FA's
Pecone, Jack madjac@localnet.com Lyndonville, NY 2447 HO Scale DL&W Syracuse Branch
Pellettiere, Steve SteveZ10@aol.com Denville, NJ 2725   DL&W stations in NJ and PA, lines, passenger cars, MU's. Also a fan of the U34CH diesel as well as Lackawanna FM Trainmasters and RS3s!
Pennisi, Rich ELdispatcher@aol.com Tigard, OR 615 HO scale Photography, railroadiana, etc. Modeling DL&W, Erie, EL, LV, CNJ, L&HR, L&NE, NYO&W
Pergl, Jeff perglj@mzell.net Atlanta, GA   O scale DL&W and Erie in late 1950's/early 1960's - Susquehanna, Scranton and Binghamton areas. FM Trainmaster diesels. Binghamton native.
Phillips, Robert bobphillips@rcn.com Drexel Hill, PA 2450    
Piecuch, Rob rpiecuch@servtech.com Horseheads, NY 2050 HO Scale compiling disposition list of EL locos and cars, interested in comparing notes; has photos most from Elmira area
Pilchak, Ted tpilchak@home.com White Lake, MI 2236 HO scale Modeling EL shortly after merger
Pope, Curtis popectsw@msn.com Moncure, NC 1858 HO scale Custom-painting diesels, modeling concrete viaducts, particularly the DL&W ones
Priebe, J. Henry Jr. el@railfan.net Buffalo, NY 2684 HO, N, Lionel scales Home Page. DL&W, Erie, EL, western NY area operations. Anthracite railroads. Preservation and sharing of info via the web. Steel Wheel on Steel Rail. In other words, anything about trains!
Proe, Jack jproe@adelphia.net Charlestown, WV   O scale Rode Erie as a kid (7 yr old) from Passaic to Jersey City Ferries, currently putting together an Erie layout
Quinn, Mike mquinn1@hvc.rr.com Port Jervis, NY 1842 HO scale Erie east end - mainline and branches, modeling the Newburgh Branch in steam era
Ramos, David dramos_1701@yahoo.com   2911 HO scale Layout website: www.nyhrr.com - I'm currently modeling the Erie, NYC and LV on the West Side of Manhattan during 1947, plus carfloat operations.
Raykiewicz, Bruce F. PaPaSmurf7597@aol.com Fort Myers, FL   Live Steam Built and run a 1-1/2" scale Erie commuter Atlantic, born and raised in Paterson, NJ
Recordon, Rusty recordor@comcast.net Boiling Springs, PA 448 HO Scale EL & Antracite road history and operations; modeling Syracuse - Utica Branch
Reed, David cit51@localnet.com Albion, Ny   G and HO Scale DL&W in Buffalo and central New York
Reibel, Al areibel@netscape.net Cambridge Springs, PA   HO Scale Erie/EL history, motive power and rolling stock
Reichenbach, Richard rreichen@twcny.rr.com Syracuse, NY 1227 S Scale Erie Freight Technical Advisor
Reinhart, Rich sandr2@msn.com Rowlett, TX   N Scale Interested in East Stroudsburg/Portland/Bangor, PA area
Rogers, Brian bdrog@conncoll.edu Mystic, CT 3153 HO and S scales  
Ross, Richard rjross@ptd.net Sparta, NJ 1084 HO scale EL (Erie and DL&W) in NJ, NY, PA
Rutan, David rutan3@nac.net Franklin, NJ   HO scale History and stations of the DL&W Sussex Branch
Ryglinski, Lee lee.ryglinski@gmail.com Valley Center, KS 1265 HO Scale EL operations between Pittsburgh, New Castle PA and Youngstown OH
Sadowski, Mark gmeriecub@yahoo.com Merriville, IN 505   El in Indianna to Chicago; also 3-rail
Sampson, Patrick baker@timesnet.net Industry, PA   HO scale Operation (locals, real and scale), railroad bridges, almost anything RR-related
Sankus, Jeff jhs@lucent.com Meyersville, NJ   HO scale and S scale Erie and EL in NY State, NYO&W and L&HR, anything concerning Port Jervis, Pond Eddy, etc.
Saxton, Gary gary46@iswbell.net Houston, TX 1521 N Scale Freelance RR Carbondale & Kingston, between Pittson & Maybrook 1956
Scaptura, Jon jscaptura@stny.rr.com Endicott, NY   HO scale and O scale (3-rail) Southern Tier (Binghamton and west).
Scandrett, Alexander M. scanlpr@usit.net Hohenwald, TN   HO scale Creating layout of Erie lines in Orange County, NY
Schaffer, Brad bshaffer@epix.net Clarks Summit, PA 2377 HO scale Anything Lackawanna RR, minor interest in the railroads that radiated in and out of SCranton. Love the history and collect anything DL&W I can afford.
Schneider, Bob bigbob_44425@yahoo.com Hubbard, OH 3233 HO scale Long-distance passenger trains of the Erie/EL, mainly nos. 5 and 6 (Lake Cities)
Schutz, Wayne wschutz@us.ibm.com Chester, NY 3038 HO scale EL from Suffern to Port Jervis (via Goshen line), 1960's.
Schmahl, Karyn drop_top_pony_girl@yahoo.com Olean, NY   HO scale Working on two separate layouts: 1. Timeline extension of switching operations in Buffalo, NY; 2. Bradford Branch from Salamanca to Brockway, PA (uncle was yardmaster at Riker Yard in Punxy, grandfather was senior freight clerk at DuBois).
Schneider, Charles cbschneider@att.net Raynham, MA   HO scale Lackawanna MUs, DL&W in suburban NJ, DL&W and Erie marine operations & tugs, Alco history/technical/restoration, DL&W steam, DL&W architecture and physical plant.
Scovazzo, Vincent A. lvmecg@aol.com Pittsburgh, PA 2654 HO scale Modeling 1946 to 1952 DL&W, also interested in EL, Erie and DL&W and their connection to mining.
Sedlisky, Rick NJRicky2@aol.com New York, NY 4   Researching Erie's Wyoming Division, Erie/DL&W/EL commuter operations/intercity passenger service
Semanchuk-Enser, Will alcoman@bluemoon.net Buffalo, NY   HO scale Home page. EL/Erie/DL&W in and around buffalo, NY and surrounding areas.
Sheehy, Michael NJNYRR@aol.com New Hempstead, NY   HO scale Historical interests, namely how NJ&NY/Erie shaped Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ. Working on online history project (http://hometown.aol.com/njnyrr).
Short, Al al.short@analog.com Boston, MA     Erie RR Tioga Division, particularly Elmira State Line railroad
Siebold, Al firetrack@aol.com Glen Rock, NJ 422 HO scale Erie NY Division and branches, Erie steam.
Slate, Ron rslate@frontiernet.net Fairmount, IN   HO scale Model 1940's/1950's, Erie/EL, also B&O.
Smith, Bruce crnflks@aol.com Hazleton, PA 3383 HO scale Currently constructing a large freelanced regional road (Port Morris & Western), which grants trackage rights to EL. EL is my first railroad love, but also have strong interest in Erie, DL&W and NYO&W.
Smith, Ed cindylouwhotoo@embarqmail.com Hickory, NC 3427 HO scale I model the Delaware Division of the Erie R.R., circa 1949. I am in need of and would appreciate any pics or info on the area's industries and the Erie signals of that era.
Smith, Peter psmith8446@aol.com Cherry Hill, NJ 2435 HO scale Modeling EL, mid 60's, just after merger. Lived in Chatham, NJ near station for many years.
Smollin, Ray RSmollin@aol.com West Trenton, NJ 2687 HO scale Erie and EL, primarily Jersey City/Hoboken to Binghamton. Also NYSW and other roads in eastern PA, northwest NJ and southern NY to Maybrook.
St. Onge, John C. jcstonge@gmail.com Waukesha, WI 3649 HO scale Building layout based on DL&W Boonton Line in 1950. Layout is focused on car card & waybill operations. As a young man I worked as a Field Engineer in Hudson, Bergen and Passaic Counties in NJ in the later 1960s, covering many industrial accounts in places like Bayonne, Jersey City, Hoboken, Secaucus, Paterson, Clifton and Passaic.
Stafford, Robert rastaff@iguana.ruralnet.net Trinidad, CO 2659 HO scale EL/DL&W - collecting slides, photos, books and paperwork. Model a freelance anthracite road, mid-1950's period.
Stagnitto, Vinnie stagnitv@bellatlantic.net South Plainfield, NJ 3245 HO scale Erie, DL&W, NYS&W, Passaic NJ, Passenger operations
Stair, Craig Stair@iadfw.net Garland, TX 1768 S Scale  
Steinberg, Michael u34ch@bellatlantic.net St. Louis, MO and Blauvelt, NY   HO and N scale Home Page. Erie Lackawanna operations in NY/NJ, especially the NJ commuter area. Modeling EL in 1990's on Hoboken-Suffern main line.
Stephenson, Jim cfstephenson@snet.net Madison, CT 3021 HO scale Father was yardmaster, his father was on section gang, mother's father worked as blacksmith in shops, all on Erie. Planning HO layout based on Meadville yard and station in 40's and 50's.
Stevens, Don EleanorStevens@webtv.net Albuquerque, NM 789   DL&W Binghamton Terminal and S&U branches. Was employed there from 1953-1964.
Stratton, Fred eriefan@netzero.com Port Richey, FL 2733 N scale Home Page. Erie/DL&W/EL - stations, motive power, operations. Modeling EL early/mid-1960's.
Stumpff, Paul urr304@alltel.net Geneva, OH     Operations in western PA/eastern OH. Worked at Greenville RR Park, 1985-1990.
Stuy, Tim njmidland@peoplepc.com New Jersey   HO scale DL&W/Erie/EL, dining car operations and memorabilia
Sullivan, Tim Brian.sullivan10@att.net Poughkeepsie, NY   HO scale DL&W/EL operations, East End from Hoboken to Scranton
Suriani, Sammy F. sspa@twcny.rr.com Manlius, NY 1957   Dad was a machinist at Hornell, NY shops. Would like to hear more about EL activity in Hornell.
Sweatt, Stan W. stan3@nkp.com Huntington Beach, CA 1586 HO scale Layout is Erie/Greenwood Lake, OJ Jct. '50's, enjoy books/tapes on Erie, DL&W, NKP and NY urban railroading
Swiecki, John jswiecki@pactech.com West Chester, OH 427 HO Scale DL&W - Utica area; spl interest Utica to Binghamtom Branch
Szczepanski, Tom szcz@zk3.dec.com Nashua, NH      
Tatar, Blake D. BDTatar@optonline.net Wayne, NJ 1810 N scale Home Page. Erie RR, 1950-1952; Erie RR history and railroadiana, RR photography
Thurner, Christopher R. cthurner@adelphia.net Coudersport, PA 2391 HO scale DL&W/Erie/EL in the Southern Tier and Western NY
Tofani, Tony pennsyk4@warwick.net West Milford, NJ   HO scale History and technology of railroads, current and abandoned railroads, member of Garden State Model Railway Club, Inc.
Tomczyk, George prr@webtv.net Parsippany, NJ   O scale DL&W, Newark Broad St. Station, Convent Station, Boonton/Montclair Lines, Towaco & Lincoln Park stations..
Tubbs, R.M. "Dick" rich@richtubbs.net Marion, OH 1226 Some HO scale DL&W/Erie/EL, structures (especially stations and towers of which I have many photos/slides), collect timetables and paper. I worked for the EL as a tower operator, Marion Division.
Tuckerman, Steven tuck@eworld.com Kent, OH 1276 N Scale EL
Tupaczewski, Paul R. paultup@comcast.net Long Valley, NJ 2066 HO scale Boonton Line, early/mid 1970's; EL diesels and freight equipment
Twarogowski, Steve pierogiguy@ameritech.net Cleveland, OH 2834 HO scale EL/Erie in Cleveland, lived on route to East 55th yard as a kid. Planning on modeling Cleveland Branch, enjoy researching EL and other railroads in Cleveland area.
Umbdenstock, Jon jkumb@aol.com Durham, NC 434 HO scale Anything EL or Erie, wrecks/wreck trains, New York Division
Van, John jv1892232@aol.com Richton Park, IL 3078   EL, Chicago-Hammond and west end into Indiana
Vernell, Chris cvernell@rogers.com Ottawa, ON   N scale Principally the Erie east end
Walls, Fred walls@neptune.convex.com Dallas, TX 1938 N Scale EL
Wargo, Rick rickwargo@usfamily.net St. Paul, MN 3115 HO Scale Erie RR in the Cleveland/Akron/Kent, OH area
Warren, Bruce E. bewarre@juno.com Delaware, OH   HO Scale DL&W and operations in NJ 1953-1957
Weatherhead, Michael nrw@email.msn.com Marion, OH   HO scale Railroad history of Marion, especially that of AC Tower. Modeling the era of my existence, 1958-present.
Weibel, Bill weib3@centurytel.net St. Peters, MO   HO scale Scranton to Hoboken DL&W, motive power - steam and diesel
Weibel, Sam weeb@centurytel.net Dardenne Prairie, MO   HO scale Born and raised in Scranton, PA - anything DL&W or EL
Weidman, Jim JWeidma1@twcny.rr.com Syracuse, NY 2295 N scale Grew up in Deposit, NY watching Erie trains. Lived in Syracuse for over 30 years and during that time my interest in DL&W has developed. Large N-scale layout in my cellar, the Winesburg & Spoon River (jointly owned by Erie and DL&W)
Weinberg, Neil LaurelLine@juno.com Dalton, PA     Editor of L&WV Chapter NRHS Newsletter "Laurel Lines," helping to restore Erie caboose C267 at the Glenburn, PA station
Wert, John wertj001@hawaii.rr.com Mililani, HI 3189 HO scale Modeling DL&W from Hoboken-Scranton in the 1940's/1950's, in addition to commuter operations
West, David A. DAWest1701@aol.com Wakefield, MA   HO scale Was Ass't Track Supv. for CR in Fair Lawn in 1979. Also worked in Hoboken Terminal. So am interested in all EL/Erie/DL&W, but particularly everything from Scranton and Port Jervis to Hoboken/JY.
Wood, Steve   Hockessin, DE 831   Mucho Photos, sent listing with file
Wullich, Roy J. II rjwullich2@aol.com Santa Clara, CA 1846 HO scale, 12":1' (prototype) Passenger cars and operations, part-owner ex-DL&W 98 "Anthracite"
Yarbrough, Jack Jack.Yarbrough@volvo.com Greensboro, NC 2344 HO scale EL operations in Youngstown, OH. Nearing completion a 35' x 25' layout depicting Youngstown, OH in the year 1971 with the appropriate steel mills of Youngstown Sheet & Tube Company and United States Steel. (Includes downtown buildings). Constructed Brier Hill Yard in Girard. Would appreciate any information relating to the EL in Youngstown during the early 70's.
Zimick, Chris czimick@ix.netcom.com Binghamton, NY   HO scale Mostly Port Jervis-Binghamton-Buffalo, also Syracuse and Utica branches
Zinn, Al aezinn@juno.com Grand Rapids, MI   O gauge DL&W operations in western NJ (Cut-Off, Old Main)