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Harry Scholz provides these wonderful black-and-white views of the Corning area taken by Clyde Baker in 1949 and 1950. Check out these wonderful vintage views!
Dave Goessling sends these classic postcards of interest to list members:
  • Castle Point in Hoboken, as seen from the Hudson River. The Lackawanna Hoboken Terminal is out of sight to the left, but this view shows the right-of-way of the Hoboken Shore Railroad.
  • Lackawanna and Erie connection Hudson and Manhattan is seen here at Jersey City, NJ. Note the position-light signals on this PRR-owned railroad.
  • A neat view of the Passaic River Turnpike bridge. Of interest: The Lackawanna main line at the immediate bottom of this card!
  • The Palisades in West Hoboken, NJ, with the trolley line climbing the hill. The DL&W terminal is off in to the right.
  • An amazing view of the then-new Erie "Bergen Archways" in Jersey City, connecting the Jersey City Terminal area with the rest of New Jersey.
  • The "Heights" of Jersey City, with Paterson Plank Road in the foreground crossing over the Erie Weehawken Branch.
Dave Pirmann share some shots from his collection:
  • An Erie Lackawanna MU train sits in front of the Dover, NJ station (where the ELHS 1999 Eastern Region Spring Meeting will be held!)
  • Former Lackawanna EL E8A 812 rolls east past the Morristown & Erie interchange in Morristown, NJ, in the 1960's.
  • An MU train rolls through Millburn, NJ.
  • NY&GL Alco RS3 935, in its Erie-inspired paint, sits at Suffern, NY in October 1996.
Ken Hojnacki enjoyed the earlier photo of DL&W 952 in St. Louis, and so thought the list members would enjoy seeing this photo of her masquerading as Oswego & Syracuse #1 in 1948 for the 100th Anniversary of the O&S. This shot was taken in Oswego, NY by local photographer Frank Barbeau. It's taken just outside the Utica St. roundhouse of the Lackawanna. Anyone know what happened to the combine? (Barbeau Studio photo, K. L. Hojnacki collection)
Former EL (and current-day Conrail) scale tester John Durant sends along a plethora of wonderful EL photos he's taken over the years:
  • Here's a shot of Conrail RS3 5248, taken in August 1977 at South Plainfield on the former CNJ, still in its EL paint.
  • A view of EL 5016, one of the orange Pacific Car-constructed reefers. Note this is from the earlier batch, with the EL "placard." The location is the Binghamton Yard on the D&H interchange on January 2, 1969.
  • EL F7A 7124 leads two SD45's and an F7B past Ridgewood Junction, NJ.
  • Former Lackawanna, and now Harlem Transfer Co. 53 reposes in the afternoon sun.
  • A dramatic telephoto shot of train CS9 at Great Notch, NJ on February 8, 1976, led by passenger U34CH 3368, U25B 2512 and C425 2452. This last unit is today active on the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad in Scranton.
  • A neat find, Conrail caboose 22005 is picture at Baltimore, MD on March 15, 1980. This caboose is ex-EL C862, nee-DL&W 862. Also note that this caboose didn't receive the EL's horizontally-oriented window grilles, but rather a Conrail-added square window cover.
  • A view of converted-from-boxcar EL flanger 1319 at Meadville, PA on May 11, 1976.
  • Conrail 80050 formerly Erie/EL 03440, is pictured at Selkirk, NY on November 23, 1997. The car is now slated to go to Norfolk Southern in the Conrail split.
  • EL/CNJ run-through train ES99 rolls westbound past Excee Tower at Cranford, NJ on October 12, 1974 with EL SD45 3606, SD45-2 3680 and U25B 2516.
  • Another view of train ES99 with CNJ "Red Baron" SD40 3067 leading EL SD45's 3626 and 3621 through CNJ's Elizabethport, NJ yard, heading for their train on November 18, 1975.
  • An interesting shot of EL GP7 1225, at KW, Croxton Yard, NJ. At the time this photo was taken (November 6, 1971), this was reportedly the last remaining GP7 in the black/yellow scheme.
Rich Ahrens found a treat at the Danbury Railway Museum in Danbury, CT. EL hopper 33941 sits with a Pennsylvania RR hopper, awaiting restoration. Here's a better detail view of the EL hopper.
Bill Weibel passes along this treat for Lackawanna fans! It's a color view of Lackawanna wood caboose 701, circa 1959-60. (Photographer unknown, Bill Weibel collection)
Dick Tubbs shares this classic view of the Lake Hopatcong (NJ) Lackawanna station, taken on August 27, 1991 by W.B. Bunnell, the Lackawanna company photographer. Those who are planning to attend the planned Lake Hopatcong Discovery Day, pay special attention to this one so you can see how much the scene has changed!
Todd Hollritt ventured out in the last (we think!) major snowfall of this winter to get this shot of a NJ Transit train in the snow at Great Notch, NJ.
Brian Thompson has been collecting slides over the years, and shares some vintage color views with us. Photographer unknown on these:
  • Lackawanna HH600 323 (obviously after 1960, since it wears its EL number) rests in an unknown yard (Buffalo?). The DL&W had a small fleet of these Alco high-hood switchers.
  • An A-B-B-A quartet of DL&W FT's, led by 604, rests with a freight in front of an unknown station (anyone know?)
  • The train in the previous photo is met by a HUGE Lackawanna lashup at the same location.
  • A black GP7 looks out of place in this Lackawanna F-unit lashup at this unknown but intriguing-looking location.
  • EL U33C 3309 is seen running "hammerhead"-style through Aldershot, Ontario, Canada (near Hamilton) on the CN Oakville Subdivision, during a brief period of re-routes in the 1970's (most likely due to Hurricane Agnes).
Scott Lupia came across these unusual Conrail GP38's. Some creative CR employees had some fun with stick-on letters and gave the units new sublettering. Here are both sides of both units lettered as EL, CNJ, L&HR, and LV.
Kevin DeGroff took a trip to the Virginia Museum of Tranportation at Roanoke to check out their former EL SDP45 3639 (painted as Conrail 6670). He shares these views he shot:
Jay Held has this neat shot in his collection of EL H24-66 "Trainmaster" diesels in a row at the CNJ/LV/RDG Allentown Yard in 1970. The units, sadly, are on their way to Striegel in Baltimore to be scrapped or sold to Mexico. Note that there are still some units in black and yellow paint...
Pat Moore, fortunate enough to live in South Carolina, was able to investigate the existence of two ex-Erie passenger cars. He found 'em, and the proof is seen below:
And finally, this author has two items to share with you...
  • As promised on the list, here's a scan of the new CM Shops "Rail Runner" EL gondola. The car is available in two numbers (catalog part # 287 and 287-1) - check with your local hobby shop for this sharp car! (and no, I'm not getting paid for this! :)
  • And here's a view of EL C873, a former DL&W "Keyser Valley" caboose. What makes this shot interesting is the set of Erie "Dunmore" caboose trucks located underneath!