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With today's technology, we are able to offer video clips of selected Erie Lackawanna-related material shot by list members. These are in .AVI format (Windows-only), but we are currently working on producing the videos in RealVideo format so that UNIX and Mac users will be able to view them as well. Be forewarned that the videos are fairly long, and the sizes are indicated after the filenames below. If you have some video or 8mm footage you'd like to have put up here, please E-mail me!.

cap1.mpg (1984K) - Bill Weibel was out and about in the Scranton Area in the 1960's. Here he caught a set of black/yellow scheme EL F-units, moving back after sanding at the metal sand tower behind the Scranton Roundhouse. Clip shot by Bill Weibel
cap2.mpg (864K) - A neat clip shot from the cab of Baldwin DRS-6-6-1500, showing HH660 323, NW2 443, an SW1, an AS16, the Crew Locker room, and the roundhouse stalls in Scranton, PA. Clip shot by Bill Weibel
cap3.mpg (1013K) - Black/yellow H24-66 Trainmaster 1854 moves from the shop tracks to the ready tracks at Bridge 60, Scranton, PA. Clip shot by Bill Weibel
cap4.mpg (1976K) - A great view of a pair of EL E8's on the westbound Phoebe Snow as it passes the former Erie car shops at Dunmore, PA. Clip shot by Bill Weibel
cap5.mpg (1329K) - Baldwin AS16 #1140, in its black/yellow scheme, switches Dunmore yard - taken from the Erie overpass facing towards Wheeler Ave. Clip shot by Bill Weibel
cr-frt.avi (2458K) - The only remaining freight train on the old Lackawanna in New Jersey is this job that runs between Dover and Washington, and serves local industries east of Dover. The train is seen in a winter rain at the Netcong station. Clip shot by Scott Lupia
dlw-nrhs.avi (1946K) - Just like old times, a pair of Lackawanna E8's leads a passenger train down the hill into Scranton! However, these E8's (nos. 807 and 808) are recreations painted by the Central New York Chapter NRHS. Note the fact that the carbodies are smooth, and lack the riveted panel strips! The units lead the NRHS National Convention excursion, loaded with private cars, back into town after traveling to Pocono Summit on this trip in July 1998. Lackawanna lives! Clip shot by Scott Lupia
dlwsteam.avi (570K) - Although short, this neat little clip shows a once-common sight: A Lackawanna steam locomotive (a 4-6-2?) leads a train on what appears to be the Sussex Branch, based on the milk cars and the single-track. The clip's photographer, Henry Becker, owned several creameries, one of which was located on the Sussex Branch. The clip was shot in the early 1940's. Clip shot by Henry Becker, collection of Steve Hepler
el-denville.avi (875K) - An early Erie-Lackawanna clip (note the black/yellow Geep leading the train), this shows a ballast cleaning train rolling east past the Denville, NJ station, entering the Boonton Line. Of particular note: What exactly IS that passenger car just ahead of the caboose? Clip shot by Henry Becker, collection of Steve Hepler
el-grtnotch.avi (1258K) - As viewed from the roof of a boxcar stored in the yard there, a westbound EL freight passes through Great Notch, NJ, led by a U25B/GP35/RS3 combo. This yard will soon become MU storage for the electrified east end of the Boonton Line. Clip shot by Frank Etzel
el-h2466.avi (1128K) - In what was reportedly the last run of the Train Master diesels on the east end of the EL system, H24-66's 1855 and 1850 lead a train east up the steep grade at Great Notch, NJ in the winter of 1968. When the units arrived at Croxton, they were shut down, and later that summer were sent to Striegel Supply in Baltimore for "disposition." Clip shot by Frank Etzel
el-millrift.avi (1520K) - Another "rare" video clip, this one shows a pair of U33C's and an SD45 leading a train off the Delaware River bridge at Mill Rift, NY. What makes this clip rare, however, is that the U33C's are part of the first batch of six that had "inverted" EL logos (white diamond with a maroon center). These were corrected rather quickly, making these views of the inverted logos quite rare (if you look carefully, you can see the inverted logo on the rear of the trailing U33C as well). Clip shot by Frank Etzel
me-train.avi (410K) - A Morristown & Erie freight rolls by in 1940 in this brilliant color segment - note those old freight cars! How is this EL-related? The bobber at the end - M&E #1 was former DL&W #4, and this is perhaps the only color view of this caboose on the M&E. Clip shot by Henry Becker, collection of Steve Hepler
u34ch-b.avi (1241K) - Digging into my own personal collection of video I've shot, here's another great scene of the good old EL U34CH's in NJT service. (please pardon the color lines, the VCR had a hard time reading this tape!) I shot this in October 1989, while I was a freshman at nearby Stevens Institute of Technology. The location was Milepost 1 on the Lackawanna, and the train is storming out of town on its westbound journey, diving into the Bergen Tunnels. Listen to that sound! Clip shot by Paul Tupaczewski
lack1.avi (432K) - An eastbound Lackawanna commuter train, possibly the Lakeland Express, roars through Mountain View, NJ, led by an 850-class H24-66 "Train Master" diesel. The train is going under the Parish Drive overpass - for a similar view of this scene today, click here. Clip collection of Ed Montgomery
lack2.avi (812K) - A Lackawanna freight train rolls through Mountain View, with two Train Masters head out. In the consist of the train are several gondolas with cement canisters, as well as some DL&W MDT reefers! The freight is most likely train NE-4, which was scheduled to leave Port Morris at 6:45 AM for a 9 AM Hoboken arrival - the dispatcher most likely slotted it behind the Lakeland Express (above). Clip collection of Ed Montgomery
lack3.avi (293K) - Talk about overpowered! Two Train Masters lead an RPO and three "Boonton" coaches through Mountain View, NJ, at a very high rate of speed. Clip collection of Ed Montgomery
crusher.avi (1455K) - A westbound freight passes the Houdaille crusher at Montclair Heights, NJ, on the Boonton Line. The crusher today is the site of Montclair State University. As the power comes by, note the "we'll please everyone" consist of a pair of SD45's, C424 and U25B. Also note that the U25B is one of the group that has a "hollow" (i.e. not white) nose diamond. At the end of the segment, the train curves left into Great Notch. Clip shot by Frank Etzel
u50c.avi (879K) - Here's video proof of a recent list thread! A gray primer-painted U50C, destined for the UP, leads an EL U-boat and GP35 around the broad curve at Pond Eddy, PA. The EL U-boat is certainly putting out its fair share of smoke! The photographer certainly was surprised to see this lead unit... Clip shot by Frank Etzel
hayshake.avi (1800K) - A perfect compliment to the photos found elsewhere on this page, this segment shows EL GP7 1235 leading the New Jersey & New York local freight, known as "The Hayshaker," in the early 1970's. The Geep leads a fairly large local consist, capped off with freshly-repainted caboose C191 in the modern maroon and gray scheme. Clip shot by Joe Jordan
u34ch.avi (2338K) - I never thought this video I shot in high school would become "historic!" NJ Transit U34CH 4153 (ex-EL 3353) rolls through Montville, NJ on June 28, 1989. The shot is particularly interesting as the train traverses a "shoo-fly" track to avoid bridge construction over the new section of Interstate 287. The track in the foreground is the normal alignment. Note the U34CH giving out the characteristic puff of smoke, and that unforgettable U34CH exhaust sound! Clip shot by Paul Tupaczewski
btn-1.avi (872K) - This clip is shot from Morris Avenue in Boonton, NJ. The clip starts looking east on the railroad, with the Boonton freight house at the left. A U33C leads an SD45 and an SDP45 on a westbound freight (possibly HB-1). As the train heads away, you can see the "Old Yard" in Boonton at the right, surprisingly empty. Clip shot by Joe Jordan
btn-2.avi (1257K) - This clip is shot from Morris Avenue in Boonton, NJ. The clip starts off looking west off the Fanny Road overpass in West Boonton, NJ. An SD45 sits in the distance on the lead to the "Old Yard," quite surprising as there's usually a GP7 working this job. On the left is Norda Chemical; the tank car parked there is on Norda's siding. The signal bridge in the foreground today is gone (see the Boonton Discovery Day to see a photo of the foundation of this bridge today) The one in the background still remains (not for long, unfortunately). Shortly thereafter, at another time (note the tank car is gone), a fast freight heavy on CN and GT cars roars east with an SD45 and two SDP45's. Photographer Joe Jordan swings around to catch the train rolling past the "Old Yard" with the town of Boonton in the background. Interstate 287 is below the tracks behind the trees at the right. Clip shot by Joe Jordan